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A NaruHina Fanfic – Chapter two

Hinata’s body trembled and her heart raced as she felt Naruto’s lips against hers, felt the warmth of his body and she pressed herself against him as her strength returned.  Her mind worked circles around itself trying to comprehend what was happening, while her body reacted the way it had wanted to for so long, snuggling in as close to him as was physically possible, closing her eyes as she returned his kiss passionately, giving herself to him.

After a few seconds they broke apart leaving the other blushing profusely.  It had only been a few seconds, but to Hinata it had been an eternity, what she had wished for, for so long, what she had dreamt about, had come true…Naruto, the one she loved had kissed her.

They both stood faces red staring at the ground neither able to come up with anything to say after the tender moment they had both shared.   Naruto spoke first breaking the silence, “Umm… I – shouldn’t you get back home; I wouldn’t want you to be in…you know trouble”.  He said still looking at the ground his words coming out in a mumble.

Hinata giggled silently at his actions; jeez she thought, so this is what I look like when I get like that.  She laughed inwardly seeing Naruto like this, his usually strong enthusiastic self replaced by a more timid person, personally she thought it was really cute.  “Ya”, she replied her voice uneven, as she still hadn’t recovered from their emotional encounter.  Unable to think of anything else to say she turned and started away.

“Um Hinata”… Naruto called after her causing her to turn around.  He looked like he was going to say something but the words seem to stick in his throat.  Instead Hinata saw him force out the sentence “Get well soon”, and she wondered what he had really intended to say.  She smiled and replied with only a dry “thank you”, before continuing on her way.  As she walked she chanced a look through her Byakugan at Naruto as he walked back and noticed that his heart was racing,  was he still hyped from the kiss or did it have something to do with what he was going to say to her.  She couldn’t tell and at this point she wasn’t going to bother contemplating it either, the emotional moment she’d just had with the man she loved combined with her weakened state made it hard to even think.  When she arrived home she didn’t even bother to alert her Father as she usually did but rather undressed and snuggled into her blankets, and dreamt, it was the most peaceful sleep Hinata could ever remember having.

Naruto walked along the path back to his apartment dragging his feet, he needed the time to think about what had just happened.  His heart had been pumping furiously, before he’d tried to tell her his feelings, after that he was surprised that HE didn’t feint.
And now all he could think about was the moment he and Hinata had just shared.  “It had been so real” he muttered to himself.   He could still picture how she had looked, how she had felt.  How her striking lavender eyes looked as they reflected the moonlight.  How tender her lips had felt at his touch, how warm her body felt as she had pressed herself against him.  The memory alone caused his heart to hammer like thunder in his chest.   As he arrived at his apartment and slipped into bed his mind still dwelled on the events of that night.

Meanwhile three friends sat discussing what on earth they were going to do with a certain lively golden haired ninja.

“Well Kakashi…what do you think of this new development?” Jiraya asked sitting across from the legendary copy ninja and Tsunade.

“To tell you the truth I can hardly believe it myself.  The fact that he could suppress the Kyubii while still drawing out its power, using nothing but his own chakra and determination, it’s difficult to fathom, to the best of my knowledge the only one able to suppress a Bijuu before this was the first Hokage. But this is not the same thing, Naruto’s chakra is so great that he can guard against the Kyubii’s power; this is no genetic trait.

“Do you think Naruto’s is still…?” Tsunade started and was interrupted by Kakashi.

“Yes, it is the only possibility that fits.  As you both know a persons maximum level of chakra increases as they mature, Naruto has always had an incredible amount even if we exclude the Kyubii.   I had thought that he must have reached his maximum after he returned from training with you Jiraya due how huge his level of chakra become.  I didn’t tell you two this then because at the time I didn’t think it necessary, but upon his return I put Naruto through a test to determine his maximum level of chakra.  Even without using the Kyubii Naruto had more then twice as much chakra as either of you, and about four times as much as myself”.

Tsunade turned to look at him her expression stunned, while Jiraya just stared.   

“To think that he has that much chakra and he hasn’t even reached his max yet is difficult to accept, he already has more chakra then even the fourth.  But the only answer to this sudden increase in power can only mean his power is still maturing.  Now I know this seems like a good thing, however there are serious drawbacks. Both Naruto and the Kyubii individually are incredibly powerful.  Now imagine the destruction he might cause if the Kyubii took over his body and gained Naruto’s power on top of its own”.   The way I see it we have few options, killing Naruto is out of the question, so that leaves only teaching him to suppress the Kyubii’s chakra using his own.”

The three stared at each other, thinking over this course of action and its possible repercussions.  

“Well then we had better start right away, only six days remain before Naruto travels out to the wave country, and it would be best if he could at least suppress it slightly before he heads out on the mission”.  Jiraya said breaking the silence.

“Yes that would be best, I’ll tell him about it tomorrow morning, I’ve already come up with a way to train him although I will need Yamato’s help for this.  He’s the only one able to suppress the Kyubii easily because of his genes”.

“Well then it seems things are settled’, Tsunade said getting up to leave, ‘I will send Yamato over to meet you tomorrow morning Kakashi”, and with that she walked out into the night.  The rest left soon after as the assembly disbanded.

Naruto inhaled deeply at the sight of Hinata, as she stood before him wearing nothing but her traditional hoody, which hung down to the middle of her thigh.  Her stunning lavender eyes seemed to glow under the gentle touch of moonlight.  Even in the dark he could see the pink streaks across her cheeks, which only seemed to add to her beauty.  His body moved forward of it’s own accord bringing his beloved Hinata into his arms,  embracing her, letting the warmth of his own body flow over her.  He looked down into those eyes he found so attractive and all inhibitions fled from his mind as he locked lips with her kissing her passionately.

His lips moved over hers, and gradually moved from her lips down to her neck, the soft moan of pleasure which escaped her only encouraging him further.  Her hands moved from around his neck down to his jacket and she quickly had it sliding down to the ground giving her better access to his muscular chest.  Her delicate fingers traced designs on his chest and Naruto gasped in delight at the new sensation.  Instinctually his hand rose up from her waist to begin gently caressing her breast through her hoody, causing her moans to become louder.   She gently pulled him up to face her and pressed her lips firmly against his, her tongue reaching out to meet his.  He broke away from the kiss just long enough to mutter “I love you Hinata”.

Naruto sat bolt upright in his bed, panting slightly, with sweat covering his body.  “It felt so real” he muttered as he looked over at his alarm clock noticing it was only 4:00.  He no longer felt tired after his sensual dream so he hopped in the shower,  hopping to calm himself down a bit.  But even as he emerged feeling physically refreshed his thoughts still drifted back to Hinata, he knew he likely wouldn’t be at ease until he told her his true feelings for her but he was still too wound from the events of last night to bring himself to confess.

He opened his window and climbed up onto the roof and crouched down looking out at Konoha the village he called his home.  Pushing his thoughts of Hinata to the back of his mind, he started to consider what had happened to him during his fight with Karashiro.  Normally when the fourth tail materialized the Kyubii took control, changing the chakra that surrounded his body to make him essentially a miniature of itself.  But this time had been different; the Fox’s demonic chakra hadn’t felt quite so overwhelming.  He’d been able suppress it even if only a little,  something he had never managed to do before, even while it only had three tails.  What was happening to him, he wondered?

He was suddenly drawn from his thoughts by the appearance of Kakashi arriving in a puff of smoke to stand before him.  “You’re up rather early, especially for you Naruto” he stated calmly.  

“Ya I guess”, Naruto replied his voice containing none of its usual energy.

“Naruto I’m actually here to tell you about your new training”, Kakashi said his voice still just as laid back as always.

New training…what on earth did the crafty jounin have in mind for him now?   Naruto was about to ask what this was about but Kakashi beat him to it.

“As I’m sure you’ve realized the last time you used the Kyubii’s powers was different from any time before this.”  Naruto looked on amazed at how somehow Kakashi always seemed to know these things.  Kakashi carried on ignoring Naruto’s stunned expression.  “The last time you were able to suppress the Kyubii’s chakra, something only the first was able to, but you were not able to do this because of a genetic trait.  Do you know why you were able to suppress the Kyubii, he asked?  

Naruto shook his head in thought; in truth he had no idea why he had been able to keep the fox out of his mind.  “I have absolutely no idea” I told Kakashi with all certainty.   

“The reason is because of the amount and power of your chakra.  Before I told you that you had more then twice as much chakra as me, I was lying.  Naruto you have well over eight times as much chakra as I do, you have more chakra even then the fourth, and what’s more is that you’re still maturing and the amount of chakra you have is getting larger.”

The words hit Naruto hard; he had more chakra then the fourth, the genius ninja who was considered the strongest shinobi in existence until he had sacrificed his life to stop the Kyubii.  “But Kakashi-sensei how is that possible?  How could I have more chakra then HIM, he was the greatest ninja to ever live!?”

“Even I don’t know why you have so much chakra, for all I know it might be a side effect of having the Kyubii inside you since birth.  What I do know is that we have to train you to use that power to suppress the Kyubii, the goal of this training is to teach you how to do this.”

“Okay”, Naruto replied still slightly shaken from this new revelation of what as happening to him.  “But what’s the point? I can control it now even when I have the fourth tail, what’s the point of learning to suppress it further since the fifth tail has never come out before?”

“Because…Naruto, do you remember the destruction you caused when the Kyubii took control of you during your fight with Orochimaru over a year ago?”  Naruto winced at the mention of that fight, when the Kyubii’s power had consumed him and he had hurt Sakura.  Naruto nodded slightly not wanting to remember those moments.  “At that time, the Kyubii had the use of some of its own power as well as yours.  You have five times as much chakra as you did then, now imagine destruction three or four times greater then what you caused then.”  Naruto gasped as the pictures came to him.  The massive crater he’d created with only one blow, the bridge he’d obliterated.  And he’s saying it would be four times as bad, he thought the realization of what the fox could do with such power struck him and he looked up at Kakashi understanding in his eyes.

“When do we start”, he asked?

“Whenever you’re ready” Kakashi replied.  “But first tell me why you suddenly became so determined.”  

“Because I want to protect the village no matter what, even if it be from myself I want to protect the village and everyone who lives here”, Naruto replied.

“I see…to protect others”, Kakashi said, and as he walked away Naruto was sure he caught the words, “some more then others I wonder”, and Naruto blushed despite himself, for at that moment he had indeed thought of Hinata as one of the others he wanted badly to protect.  So…he thought seems Kakashi knows already, jeez I’ve got to figure out how he knows these things, he thought shaking his head, as he got up and slowly made his way towards the training grounds he and Kakashi used when training.

Hinata let out a groan as she sat up rubbing her eyes, the brilliant light of the sun waking her from her pleasant dreams.  She started to slide out from under the covers but thought better of it and simply laid back her gaze fixed on the ceiling.

He kissed me, he actually kissed me, and such a wonderful kiss too, the last thought bringing a smile to her face.  While her inner self screamed at her, “See! See! He does have feelings for you, that was no half-hearted kiss after all”.   And Hinata found herself agreeing entirely, the kiss she’d received, her first real kiss had definitely not been half-hearted on either her part or Naruto’s.

She glanced over at her alarm clock wondering what time it is, and gasped as she realized it was already 9:00, she’d overslept, a far to frequent occurrence for her of late.

Unenthusiastically she slipped out from underneath the cosy sheets and away from her comfy pillow, turning on the water to fill the small bathtub, she may have been annoyed at herself for waking so late but she wasn’t about to skip a nice soak in the tub because of it.  When the water reached the appropriate level she turned off the running stream, slipped out of her nighty and slid into the relaxing warmth the water provided.  

As Hinata lay back in the tub her thoughts gradually drifted to her upcoming mission with Naruto.  I’ve only been to the country of waves once and that was a while back, I wonder what it looks like now, she thought.  Images flooding her mind, the ocean with its lapping waves and grandiose splendour, however the images were gradually replaced by thoughts of what their objective was.  To kill that demon, she thought with a shudder and she shivered despite the warmth of the water as the memory of those eyes so filled with contempt flashed through her mind.  She glanced down at her shoulder where the demon had wounded her, no trace of the wound remained, even the skin completely regenerated by Tsunade’s healing prowess.  No, no trace of the wound near fatal wound remained, but she still remembered clearly the paralyzing agony as it had torn through her shoulder to scrape bone.  

The next time they met, she thought, she wouldn’t be a burden to Naruto, and she would give the demon a little payback for the pain he had caused her, and she smiled as the image of her tearing it apart with her Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho filled her mind.

“Next time Naruto, I won’t be a burden”, she said her voice fading to a whisper as she slowly began reliving the night’s events in her mind.

“Come on Naruto, fight it!”, but Kakashi’s call barely registered he fought to suppress the crimson chakra as it swirled around him, fought to suppress the Kyubii.  He concentrated, using his own chakra to isolate his mind as the Kyubii’s power flowed through him, as he waged a desperate little war with the entity within him.  He felt a slight weakness in the Kyubii’s relentless attempt to take over his body, and with a shout of anger he forced the Kyubii’s chakra from his body sending it back to the malevolent thing.

Naruto panted hard, he’d been doing this for the past five hours and each time he felt almost too weak to walk after.  He looked around and was proud to see his five clones finishing their battles as well.  And as soon as they finished, he dismissed them concentrating on what he learned from each, how they had dealt with the Kyubii, however as the five clones disappeared in puff of smoke,  Naruto felt the exhaustion of each one as it was laid upon his shoulders.  That was the downside he knew, while with five clones he learned and trained five times as quickly, he suffered the exhaustion of each one as he dismissed it.  Naruto swayed hardly able to keep his balance.  NO! I have to keep going, to find Sasuke, to make him pay for what he did to Hinata.  But his body finally couldn’t take anymore and he saw the ground come up to meet him as he collapsed.

Yamato sat their astounded that Naruto had lasted as long as he had.  The amount of chakra that even one of the Naruto’s expended when he fought off the Kyubii was nearly half of Yamato’s own maximum.  The kid truly had an enormous amount of chakra.  Naruto was also extremely resilient to the foxes chakra, whenever it touched anyone else it acted like poison seeping into the persons wound creating a wound that took ten times longer to heal even with regenerative healing afforded by the med teams.  Yamato was surprised that Naruto could endure it at all, but he could hardly believe that Naruto had lasted through a good thirty sessions before the strain on his body was too high and he passed out.  Although Yamato found it difficult, he knew that no one but Naruto could do this; chances are anyone else wouldn’t have survived the first session.

Kakashi walked over to regard Naruto’s prone form.  He lay face down in the dirt, his body looked so exhausted and Kakashi surmised that the last few sessions Naruto had been getting by solely on determination.  Still, he thought they had accomplished a lot that day; Naruto was at least twice as proficient at suppressing the Kyubii, all he needed now was more practice.   Kakashi bent down picked up Naruto slinging him over his shoulder, “We can stop now Yamato, I doubt his body will take much more of this today”, he called over to the man sitting on the ground.  The man nodded and rose disappearing in a puff of smoke; Kakashi followed a moment later with Naruto.

Tsunade stared at Naruto as he lay sleeping in the hospital bed later that afternoon.  Kakashi had told her what they had been doing but she still couldn’t believe Naruto had lasted so long under the strain.   She knew of course where his determination sprung from, he was thinking of Sasuke, his team-mate,  he had even considered him a brother,  Naruto would do everything in his power to save his friend even if he was saving Sasuke from himself.   Her surroundings faded as her mind dwelled back on the day she’d met the troublesome kid with such a huge heart.

“No Naruto stop, you’re only going to get yourself killed!”  Tsunade yelled as Naruto stepped in front of her, not even moving an inch as Kabuto’s fist hit him dead in the forehead, and she was amazed at Naruto’s resolve.  

“So little brat you intend to get in my way… well in that case I’ll just have to kill you.” Kabuto remarked, taking a few steps back.

“I won’t let you hurt tsunade, she still needs to heal Sasuke,  if you’re intent on killing her then I’ll just have to beat you”,  Naruto replied his voice filled with anger.

“You…beat me?  Foolish if I do say so myself, I’m on a level completely different then you, you have no chance”.  

“Ya, well we’ll just see about that!” he yelled back summoning a shadow clone to his side.  C’mon I got to do it this time, this time he thought summoning chakra into his palm and concentrating on it, while his clone swirled the chakra around until it reached a point where it circulated in random directions.  Now he thought, charging Kabuto thrusting the contained ball of chakra at his opponent.

Could he have possibly done it?  Thoughts racing threw her mind as the young ninja attacked his opponent with the Rasengan, a technique it had taken the fourth, the genius ninja four years to perfect, and yet it looked to her as if Naruto had managed it in only a week.  Would it work she thought as the two closed on each other?

She watched in horror as at the last minute Kabuto apparently realizing the danger dodged to the side and Naruto went by all the chakra he’d harnessed releasing into the ground.  He’d almost done it she thought, as she regarded the destruction he’d cause, he was close, so incredibly close to the final product.  But these thoughts fled as Kabuto closed in on the stunned  youth cutting open the backs of his legs and using his chakra to sever the ligaments,  making it impossible for the youth to continue the fight, as he wouldn’t be able to walk or stand.

“Now Tsunade will you continue this fight or will you give us what we want?” he asked as he approached.  

“I will never heal Orochimaru’s arms after what he did to the third” she replied contempt in her voice.

“Not willingly at least” Kabuto answered with a sneer.

Tsunade wanted to move, to break this foolish shinobi’s limbs, but blood covered her hands and her phobia of it,  cramped her muscles and made her head spin, she couldn’t move a muscle to stop him.  Suddenly a figure stood before her, blocking out the light from the sun, his spiked blond hair seeming to shine.  

“I told you before’, he said between gasps of breath, ‘I won’t let you hurt Tsunade”.

“No Naruto don’t! Stop, he’ll kill you if you keep this up!” she screamed, at the suicidal child.

“He he he, I would have thought you’d have realized form our bet with the necklace, I’m not good a giving up.”

“Ha…I’m not sure how you can still stand let alone move, you’re quite a nuisance Naruto…one that I’m about to remove”, Kabuto interrupted charging forward his curved dagger leading.

Tsunade watched in horror as Naruto just stood there, making no attempt to dodge the attack.  Her expression went to one of wonder as she watched Naruto’s hand came up catching the attack.

Naruto felt the burning sensation in his hand as the blade pierced his flesh leaving the knife stuck in his hand.  He immediately tightened his grip, before the bewildered Kabuto could pull back.  “Now’, he said staring Kabuto in the eye, ‘I don’t have to worry about you running away”.  Naruto watched with amusement as Kabuto’s eyes widened as a shadow clone appeared at his side as he began channelling huge amounts of chakra into his palm.

Tsunade looked on amazed at Naruto’s determination, he’d taken the hit deliberately so he could get Kabuto close enough to bind him, all so that he could unleash this last attack.  She felt the tingle in the air, as Naruto summoned a huge amount of chakra into his palm, he was doing it she thought, he was actually doing it, the power of the condensed ball of chakra many times more powerful then the one he’d unleashed earlier.   And when he struck she knew he’d managed it,  as a huge blinding ball of condensed chakra expanded between Naruto and his opponent, pushing them apart before accelerating pushing Kabuto back to collide with a rock the collision causing the ball of destruction to detonate leaving Kabuto motionless against the half demolished stone.  

“I told you I wouldn’t break my promise, just like I’m going to be Hokage.” Naruto said as he passed out feeling a pain in his chest.

“Yes you just might”, Tsunade muttered as she looked down at Naruto the memories fading.

“I just might w-what Granny Tsunade?

Tsunade looked down to see Naruto looking up at her, his face filled with his usual energy.  “Naruto, you shouldn’t be getting out of bed!” she said as Naruto slid out of the bed and began dressing hurriedly.

“Granny Tsunade’, he started and Tsunade found herself caught between anger and amusement at his condescending tone, ‘you know I heal fast.  Besides’, he put in, ‘I have to go see Hinata”.  Tsunade halted her demand he return to bed in her throat as she digested the last remark with a smile.  She of course had noticed the relationship brewing between Naruto and the timid Hyugaa, and she found that she was glad Naruto had ended up with the tentative Hinata, she had always had a thing for Naruto and even if Naruto had never realized it he had never treated Hinata like the other girls, he’d felt something even then, even if he hadn’t known it himself.

“Umm Granny Tsunade…’, Naruto started his faltering tone and red face seeming so strange from him, ‘uhh…what exactly do girls like to get as presents…you know I thought you might know, cause you’re a girl and all…even with your monstrous strength”.   Under normal circumstances the remark about her strength might have bothered her but, as she looked at the usually self confident, loud mouthed teen looking so hesitant she couldn’t feel mad at him.  

“Well I suppose the first thing you should know, before you go off spending all your money on some ridiculously expensive item’, and she almost burst out laughing as she saw his face redden knowing that had been his plan, ‘ that what matters most is whether or not you have thought about the gift, about whether you thought about her.  Here I’ll give you a hint, I know for certain that Hinata’s favourite flower is the Spirangelia, water Orchid, it’s a lavender color and is very rare, found only in the more tropical valleys surrounding Konoha, in areas where water is plentiful, not only that but they need no light to grow and thrive, so you’re just as likely to find them in the shadows as in the light. Also although she hasn’t told you yet, Hinata turns seventeen in two days, she might enjoy a surprise birthday present.”   

“Lavender…’ he said, seeming to be elsewhere, ‘the same color as those beautiful eyes…”  Tsunade’s eyes widened,  clearly Naruto cared more for the girl then she’d thought… just how deep did those feelings go she wondered.  “Thanks a lot granny Tsunade”, he said, looking up at her his stupid grin on his face, he clearly hadn’t realized he’d spoken aloud about Hinata.  And Tsunade found herself unable to reply as the love-struck teen sprinted out the door and down the hall, and she couldn’t help but laugh as she heard the startled yelps of the nurses as Naruto crossed their paths.

Hinata walked aimlessly through the busy streets, as she had been for the past few hours.  She wasn’t used to having so much free time on her hands,  her body still too weak to handle training, and both Kiba and Shino out on a mission, she found she really didn’t have anything to do.  She’d gone out too look for Naruto and Kakashi had told her he’d been doing some particularly harsh training and was in the hospital.  Worried about him, she’d quickly made her way there only to here from one of the nurses that he’d left a few hours before she’d arrived, and from the nurses distraught expression as she’d explained it, he’d done so in a very Naruto-like fashion.

Neither of them had seen each other since their sensual encounter, and now feeling more confident, knowing Naruto had feelings for her, Hinata found herself begging for and dreading the moment she’d confess her deep love for him.   She had always been certain that he would reject her, think of her as some crazy stalker, but the passionate kiss he’d given her had changed things.  It was clear he felt for her, but she didn’t know how much and as much as she couldn’t stop thinking about it, the thoughts irritated her.

AHH! Why does this have to be so complicated, you were going to tell him the night he kissed you, and now you KNOW he feels for you, just tell him for god’s sake girl.  Her inner more confident self ranted, the thoughts running circles in her mind.  

Ya but what if he doesn’t feel for me the way I do,  I’d just end up ruining the relationship we already have,  came the reply of the more timid part of her consciousness.  

BAHH, you were ready to tell him before when you were hardly IN a relationship, when if he rejected he would likely never talk to you again.  Stop being such a coward.  For once the timid side, the one she generally showed to others, had no answer, could come up with no excuse against the inescapable truth and logic.  The next time an opportunity presents itself, she thought, and from there we’ll just have to see what happens.  

You owe it to yourself; if you truly love him to tell him your feelings.  And Hinata knew as she continued to walk, that with all her heart she did indeed love Naruto.

Leaves danced around him as Naruto ran through the tropical forest, his eyes scanning the ground looking for a lavender flower.   Thinking he’d spotted one he slowed to a stop and went down to investigate, thoroughly disappointed when it wasn’t the right one.  He turned to leave when one of the clones he’d sent off came rushing towards him babbling incoherently.  When the clone finally had enough breath to finish a sentence it began yapping excitedly.  “Man come take a look at this, you have got to see this”.

Naruto looked out at the sky and saw it was getting close to midnight and he’d have to head back eventually.  He wanted to question his clone but it was a replica of him, as concerned with Hinata as he was, it wouldn’t come running like this unless it had really found something.  Motioning for the clone to lead on Naruto followed it as it lead him through a complex path until it eventually lead him to an area where the brush became thicker and the massive tropical ferns made it difficult to traverse.  Naruto followed the Clone through the mess of underbrush until it stopped just outside what seemed to be a wall of the large ferns, with a small path leading into the center.  The clone motioned for him to enter and he did so.  The path was slightly confining but ended quickly enough, and as Naruto stepped into the clearing he gasped. Hinata, he thought you’re going to love my present.

Hinata felt disappointed and not just a little lonely as she walked back to the Hyugaa complex.  She’d been unable to find Naruto, and she knew she wouldn’t see him tomorrow…her birthday she thought, she hardly wanted to spend time with the stupid celebrations, all she really wanted to do was to spend the time with Naruto.  But her father would never allow her to escape the traditions, and he most certainly wouldn’t approve of her spending time with Naruto, an orphan and no Hyugaa.  

You should have told him about your birthday she thought, you should have told him.  She knew why she hadn’t told him, she was afraid he’d try to come see her, and if he got caught sneaking into the compound he’d be in big trouble and she didn’t want that.  But even as she thought about she felt part of her wishing she’d told him.  As Hinata slipped into the covers of her bed and snuggled into the comfort they provided she glanced to the side at the calendar a star over tomorrow’s date, not for the first time she found herself dreading her birthday rather then welcoming it.

Naruto woke the next day still excited about the discovery he’d made.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to see Hinata until later that night when he could slip in and pick her up so he could show her his gift.  He didn’t have training today, Kakashi giving him the day off, likely to give Naruto this exact opportunity; the crafty jounin didn’t seem to miss anything.  

I tell her tonight…I have to tell her eventually, besides he thought she didn’t seem to mind me kissing her.  Naruto gobbled down some instant ramen and sprinted off into the forest to make sure all the preparations were made.

Hinata hardly paid any attention to any of the ceremonies and celebrations, the expensive finely woven kimono felt uncomfortable and clumsy compared to her hoody and the rest of her gear.  

How much longer would it last she wondered, all she really wanted was for this day to end, so she could return to the comforts of her bed and her dreams of Naruto, and her face reddened very slightly as she thought of how much more sensual some of them had become recently.  And so when the ceremony finally ended and it was quite dark out, Hinata felt physically and mentally exhausted.   She stood in her room removing the uncomfortable Kimono when she heard a noise at her window.  Unclothed from the waist up she slowly made her way toward the window when Naruto face popped up whispering her name, his eyes closed with a content expression on his face.  

“Naruto!” she said moving her hands up in an effort to cover her large breasts, doing little other then making them appear larger and hiding her pink nipples.

“Huh?” he muttered opening his eyes, wondering why Hinata sounded so embarrassed.   His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he noticed she was unclad from the waist up, her large perky breasts pressed up against her arms and her face red as he’d ever seen it.  He closed his eyes his face already crimson and turned away loosing his grip on the window sill, catching himself with his chakra in his feet only at the last second.  “I’m really sorry’, he muttered quickly, ‘If I’d have known I wouldn’t have…I’m so sorry Hinata”.

Hinata knew her face was incredibly red as she quickly clothed and donned her hoody, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited at the sight of Naruto’s face as he’d seen most of her nude upper half.  From that look she knew he’d liked what he’d seen and that thought pleased her more then she’d admit.

“It’s ok you can come up know”, she whispered out the window and she moved back to make space as Naruto entered his face still incredibly red.  As soon as he’d entered she walked over and embraced him…glad she was with him again regardless of the reason.  

After a moment she broke away from him, “Naruto what are you doing here? Do you have any idea how much trouble you might get in if you get caught here without permission?”  He just continued to grin with that silly grin of his before answering.

“I have something I have got to show you” he said, and at Hinata’s speculative look he added “just trust me”.

Hinata followed him through the woods as they gradually took on a more Mediterranean look with tropical looking plants and strange trees.  She wondered how Naruto could make his way so well in the dark, it was approaching midnight and without her Byakugan she could hardly see her hand in front of her face.  Must be a side effect of the Kyubii she thought, no other possibilities coming to her.  “Finally”, he muttered as they made their way through a particularly confining tunnel through a maze of ferns.  They seemed about to reach the exit when Naruto stopped her, a big smile on his face and his cheeks bright pink.  

“Okay now close your eyes’, he said,’ and no Byakugan either, don’t worry, there’s light inside, but you have to wait before you can see it”.  Hinata put her trust in her friend and let her lead her through the opening.  She could here him inhale sharply, whatever this place was it had stunned him no only once but twice.  “Almost” he said whispering in her ear”, he said her hands in his as he led her somewhere.  “This may feel a little cold’, he whispered, I heated it earlier but I don’t know if it will last a lot longer”.   Hinata could hardly contain her excitement as Naruto took off her sandals and slowly led her into the water, the liquid wasn’t cold as she expected but warm to the touch sending a tingle through her body as it crept along her skin as Naruto led her deeper.  They continued deeper, the water creeping upwards, soaking through her hoody and tight black pants.  

Finally they reached what seemed to be the center, as the ground levelled off leaving Hinata with the water level resting just below her shoulders, the edges of her long hair floating on the top of the water.   Naruto pulled her softly toward him until she was pressed against his chest.  “Alright…you can open your eyes now”, he whispered, his voice close.  She flung her eyes open, and to her surprise saw absolutely nothing, the sky wasn’t visible and at this time there was no light to pierce through, she couldn’t see Naruto though he stood his body against hers.  

Could this be some kind of prank, one of Naruto’s games?  The possibilities whirled through her mind and she began to activate the Byakugan to see what he was talking about but stopped as Naruto, sensing her thoughts told her not too.

“Don’t’, he said softly, ‘it’ll start soon”
She stood their silently, enjoying the closeness of Naruto’s body, but wondering what exactly was about to start.  She became even more curious as she felt a tingle through her body and in the air as she felt massive amounts of chakra emanating from Naruto’s body.   It was different from how it usually felt though, normally when expending this much chakra it seemed to be full of anger and rage, but now it felt kind, loving and reassuring.  

She gasped as suddenly dozens upon dozens of little silver dots shone through the dark, she knew what they were but she couldn’t believe it all the same.  They were chakra bugs, little bugs that glowed when they absorbed chakra, they were extremely rare, and she was sure that no one had ever seen so many in one place.  She watched in wonder as more and more became active, illuminating the area in which they stood.  As she saw her surroundings her knees weakened, she through her arms around Naruto’s neck but she knew she would have fallen back into the water had he not placed his strong hands on her waist to steady her.  

They stood huddled together in what could only be described as a magical oasis, the pool in which they stood the clearest she’d ever seen, the tropical ferns and flora forming a protective canopy blotting out the sanctuary from the wrath of the sun, vines grew along the inner wall covered in buds of different sizes and ferns grew in seemingly random locations, all of it giving the place a sense of security, and she thought…love as well.  But what she saw next was just too much to take, as the silver white light of the glow bugs intensified fully enveloping the haven in a dim light, all the buds expanded and flowers bloomed, flowers she knew well.  The flowers completed the cycle in all of a minute, revealing beautiful orchids, each a shade of violet, they were her favourite flower, the water orchid.  Her eyes widened as something light landed atop her head, she was about to move to see what it was when more began to cascade down from the canopy overhead,  watched as hundreds of lavender petals spiralled down to land softly on the surface of the water.  

Tears of joy began splashing down her cheeks, her heart racing.  No one had ever done anything like this for her; she had never felt as treasured, as loved as she did now. How could he have known, few knew of her favourite flower, and she’d been too embarrassed to tell Naruto.  She turned her gaze from the amazing spectacle to look at Naruto; he stood there his accustomed grin replaced by a sincere smile.  “Happy Birthday Hinata”, he whispered blushing.  At that moment she knew she had never heard more caring words and still overwhelmed by emotion she couldn’t think of what to say, and so she did the only thing she could…cheeks a bright pink she leaned forward and began kissing him affectionately.  

Naruto couldn’t explain how he felt as Hinata pressed her lips against his so passionately, he didn’t even realize as his body responded immediately by returning her kisses with his own.  She really does like me, he thought as he embraced her, their bodies heating the water around them.  He wanted to tell her how he felt, how he loved her, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t force out the words, he was afraid now that he would ruin what they already shared and he didn’t want that.  So instead he gave himself to the young Hyugaa, kissing her fervently enjoying the wonderful sensations, her enticing smell, the heat from her body, the feel of her smooth wet lips and tongue.  He could feel stirring in his loins, but he did the best he could to ignore it, neither of them was mentally ready for that yet and he would never force himself on her just to relieve himself.  Instead he simply continued with their intertwining sensual touching, allowing Hinata to enjoy herself, as she certainly was, and doing his best to make sure she continued to.  

Hinata’s pulse climbed as she mingled with Naruto her breath coming in gasps in between the tender, passionate moments.  His warmth enveloped her as she pressed herself against him, winding her leg between his and sliding her arms down around his back, she loved his scent, his touch, his taste, and all the wonderful sensations seemed amplified as they touched.   She was doing her best to control herself, desperately trying to ignore her swollen nipples which begged to be touched, and the carnal hunger emanating from between her legs, physically she knew her body was more then ready, but mentally she knew she couldn’t, not yet.   

They continued exploring each others mouths enjoying the simple pleasures to be gained from it, each deliberately avoiding the others truly sexual regions.  Hinata wanted to tell him, to at long last simply blurt out that she loved him, that she wanted to marry him and never leave his side, but as much as she wanted to she couldn’t, she knew now without a doubt that they were in love with each other, but still she couldn’t bring herself to tell him.  Finally she decided she had to act, too make sure that no matter what she would tell him soon.  “Naruto’, she whispered after they ceased kissing as her head rested against his chest, his arms supporting her, ‘after this upcoming mission there’s something I absolutely have to tell you, don’t let me forget okay?”

“You got it’, he replied, ‘but only if you remind me that I have something I absolutely have to tell YOU after the mission”.  She smiled and her cheeks heated already guessing that what he was going to tell her was likely the same thing she wanted to tell him, it seemed that neither of them could bring themselves to do it.  “I promise”, she replied and she began to feel very tired, the fatigue from the days events setting in after there tender moment passed.  She felt herself begin to sag down felling drowsy but Naruto quickly picked her up and helped her onto his back meaning to take her home.  She slipped her arms around his neck and leaned forward making it easier on him; well at least physically she thought silently giggling as she saw his face redden when her breasts pressed against his back.  She tried to stay awake but found herself quickly slipping away to dream.

Naruto kept his pace quick but gentle aware that Hinata had fallen asleep on his back.  He no longer felt so confused with his feelings for her, or her feelings for him for that matter,  he knew now without a doubt that they were both in love with each other, and the fact that he knew they both knew it, and were happy about it put him at ease.  “Hinata’, he whispered, ‘the first girl who’d ever really liked him, the first girl he’d ever liked, the first girl he’d ever dated, the first girl he’d ever embraced, the first girl he’d ever kissed…the first girl he’d ever loved.”  Well not quite, she was the first girl he’d ever loved in this way, he loved Sakura, but it was a brother-sister relationship, one they both cherished, and he had never loved Sakura like he did Hinata.   And as he ran her home, he couldn’t help but hope that she would be his first and his last, hoped that they would never be separated, to be together forever.

It didn’t take long for him to reach the Hyugaa complex even with Hinata on his back, it proved even easier to sneak in, he’d become quite adept at stealth when the time called for it, and the fact that everyone was still hyped from the day’s celebrations made things even easier.  

Climbing in through her window with her in his arms, he gently laid her on the bed; they were both still soaked and regardless of the summer heat he worried about her being cold.  Tentatively he unzipped her soaking hoody and removed it revealing her very ample breast clad in a lacy black bra, it was wet too but he wouldn’t touch it, he didn’t want to invade her privacy.  Then his hands trembling he slipped her pants off revealing the tight black panties which matched the bra.  His heart beat in his chest and the lump in his pants was getting larger and harder to ignore.  Before any dirty thoughts could cross his mind he tucked her into bed drew the covers over her shoulders before exiting the window, closing it on the way out and making his way back to his apartment.   Even as he walked home he contemplated what he might say to Hinata when the mission was complete, well more how he was going to say it, the gist of it would remain the same, all he had to do was find out how to confess to her properly.
Stupid disclaimer yet again...I do not own Naruto nor any of the characters places or otherwise associated with it.

For those who enjoyed the first part, my apoligies for taking so long to release the second part, final exams were this week so I had less free time on my hands. Anyway here it is, and the third part is in the making.

Hope you guys enjoy the second part of the series.
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i really enjoyed this thanks, my favorite part was the embrace between naruto and hinata after the light show.(ok i may be a bit of a perv but least im honest)
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